Born in Palermo in 1988, he lives between the hometown and his second home, Nicolosi (CT) on the slopes of Etna. After obtaining a degree in classical studies he enrolled at the University conducting a study in Geology; However, he never strays from photography, a world to which a passion since childhood, watching his grandfather and father amateur photographers, and which will make a profession. Growing up, he knows his friend Vincenzo Cuttitta, professional photographer, who will provide the theoretical and technical lessons to improve over the years.

In the first period of activity, from 2001 to 2006 or so, he works almost exclusively using slides or Black & white prints, privately taking in nature and ranging from landscape photography to Macro. Subsequently, even accomplices high operating costs and shrinking sales practicality of slides, he approaches to digital photography and undertakes the work of reportage for passion as well as commission, even in countries such as Egypt, Turkey and the United States.
approaches to digital photography and devote himself to the architecture and street photography, to reportage, portrait and especially to the travel reportage.
Selling the photos directly to the customer, especially through the Internet, either to private users that such agencies operating in the tourism sector. Since 2006, it begins a strong partnership with international agencies dealing with travel reportage, realizing services in the world (USA, England, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Turkey, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand) and Italy.

In June 2015, some of his pictures are exhibited in a collective exhibition of photography entitled “Etna UNESCO World Heritage”, organized by UNESCO, held on the inclusion of the Etna volcano in the list of World Heritage Sites, on display as part of the “21 ° Etna Photo Meeting” – Viagrande (Catania).
In the same year, his photographic reportage on Nubia is projected in the ” Conjunctions International Festival of poetry, writing, photography and video art” in Spinea (Venice).
Still in 2015, one of his photographic installation is housed within the contemporary art exhibition “Mediterranea 17 Young Artists Biennale” at the “Fabbrica del vapore” in Milan, organized by the “Biennale des jeunes BJCEM créateurs de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée “in partnership with the city of Milan, as part of “EXPO in the city. ”
Since 2010, finally, with his friend architect Giovanni Asmundo (lyricist), he is working on a project entitled “Peripli – Topografia di uno smarrimento ” (“Peripli – Topography of a loss”), organizing since 2013 a traveling exhibition of photographs and poems (FIAF patronage since 2014), still ongoing, involving the entire Italian national territory, and receiving approval and appreciation unanimously by the critics. He is the author of the photos of the project, but is also involved in curating the entire creative process on the images for staging; pictures of the exhibition tell, through an unconventional sight, a loss dramatically in place in terms of memories, landscapes, crafts, traditions in a Sicily overwhelmed by a “development without progress.”
Currently, while working full-time now with digital cameras, Daniele reinstated in his skills analog photography, returning to develop and print films in B & W and color slides, to maintain a “contact” and training with “traditional” photography.